Termii Features


This feature allows you send email marketing messages to multiple customers in form of a well designed email template. Campaigns messages can be in form of articles or product display.

Group List

Is a feature on Termii that helps you group your customers and leads into various categories based on their age, sex, interests and location.

Import Contacts

This feature allows you import contacts from third party platforms such as woocommerce, mailchimp and Mad mimi.

Sending Servers

This feature allows you to send emails on Termii through a third party email marketing platforms such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail and SparkPost thereby allowing you manage multiple email marketing accounts from one platform.

API Keys

This feature allows you create web and mobile applications that can easily be integrated with our system via our API documentation.

Campaign Insights

This feature allows you monitor how your customers are interacting or have interacted with your previously sent emails. This is done by giving you an overview of their  interests, sex and location.


This feature helps you schedule email campaigns to be sent at a particular time and also automate email responses to customers actions on your platform store.

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